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Out of the Light and Into the Dark

My journey as I learn to fly

7 November
Relevant facts: Scorpio (Moon Sign Pisces), Water Tiger (Chinese astrology), I am a biker through and through. I am married to a fabulous man who is a biker just like me, fulltime worker bee, student wannabee (gods I miss school). I have one degree in Theatre (directing emphasis), and am on and off working on a doctorate in Quantum/Astro physics. I am an ecclectic pagan witch who is politically concerned but definitely NOT pc. In my copious spare time I play at being: Photographer, Writer, Belly Dancer, Singer, Vampire and in spite of the fact that a shrink once told me that having black in my wardrobe proves I am depressed it still takes 3 washer loads to wash our black clothes. People tell me I am intelligent, strong willed, open, caring, loving, geekish, optimistic, neurotic, and loyal. I can be a control freak and a perfectionist. I love blood and pain, and love to laugh (sometimes while great pain is happening but almost always at weird/strange things). I usually have a total lack of common sense and generally miss what is right in front of my nose but am great at the big picture and connecting the "ands" and "buts". I'm usually great at directions but my path is totally winding, I'm completely organic (yep I'm pure natural - no artificial preservatives in me).

My biggest thing is being truthful even if it hurts, and so never ask my opinion unless you are really ready to hear what I think. I spend most of my time with my good friends, and am happy to have found my soul mate after all this time.

Here are the states I have visited so far:

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